Additives / Fuel

For more information on our line of 4+ Fuel Additives and Cleaners, please select the links below. We're available to answer any questions you may have. Please give us a call!


4+ Artic
Hi-Tech Antigel
4+ Artic Hi-Tech Antigel bottle.
4+ Diesel Melt 4+ Diesel Melt bottle.
4+ Polar Max 
Cold Flow 
4+ Polar Max Cold Flow Improver bottle.
4+ Premium 
IDID Anti-Foulant
4+ Premium IDID Anti-Foulant bottle.
4+ Super Clean 
Diesel Anti-Foulant
4+ Super Clean Diesel Anti-Foulant bottle.
4+ Turbocharger 
4+Turbocharger Cleaner bottle.